Symbol of Global Recognition & Acceptance

With excellence in online education, Kingsnow University has garnered a number of accreditations and memberships from esteemed higher education recognition bodies. These associations help us continually improve the quality and content of our online curriculum so our students receive an education that's effective and highly result-oriented. Being accredited by and a member of world's leading regional and international organizations assures that Kingsnow delivers an educational experience that's exceptional, both in course content and the delivery methods. Our associations are a proof that Kingsnow University fully meets the online education quality guidelines set by the accrediting/recognizing bodies. Any professional online program or course you choose at Kingsnow is accredited, and accepted and recognized the world over. That's the reason why Kingsnow graduates are preferred by world's top employers and academic institutions.


International Accreditation Association for Online Schools is a self-governing and globally recognized accreditation body. It grants accreditation to traditional and non- traditional educational institutions after evaluating them on stringent set of standards. In the accreditation status, IAAOS also highlights an institution's strengths and weaknesses offering recommendations to improve in areas such as curriculum, organizational and classroom management.

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Global Accreditation Board for Distance Education (GABDE) is a globally recognized accrediting association dedicated to providing accreditation to academic institutions including, schools, colleges and universities and vocational institutes established in the United States and Canada. It encourages, supports, and evaluates quality assurance processes in various academic institutions to ensure academic excellence.

GABDE has established its quality assurance model after a thorough research of contemporary international standards of excellence. The QA model is expected to be implemented by all educational institutions seeking accreditation license from GABDE. The QA model cover institutes various aspects, such as, learning and research facilities, overall student performance, curricula, fields of study, etc.

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